About Us

YWCT has designed and manufactured cooling towers for over 50 years, during which have have established our reputation as a credible, professional cooling tower supplier for the industrial market. At YWCT, you’ll find a combination of theoretical engineering and practical know-how about cooling towers, including:

Our customization package

Including modifications in piping as per customer needs (e.g., number and location of inlets), smooth integration with external chassis, and special maintenance and safety requirements.

Our engineering package

Including thermal rating, wet-bulb analysis, what-if analysis, noise calculations, P&ID diagram, finite element analysis, performance curve, and detailed documentation.

Our project management package

All of our projects are headed by an experienced project manager who coordinates the design process and logistics, and functions as a single point of contact.

Modularizing configuration to reduce on-site erection time

We can design and build an FRP, integral-basin cooling tower for 1,000 m3/h to be built near your site in modules.

Lifting a complete cell to reduce production downtime

We build your new cooling tower in proximity to the old one, and only when it’s ready, we demolish the old one and replace it in just a few days with your new tower.

Designing the cooling tower to fit your existing basin

Whether round or rectangular. We can design your new cooling tower to fit with maximum efficiency.

Designing nearly any cooling tower

Required, whether cross-flow, counter-flow, packaged, or field erected; cooling extremely hot or brackish water; all low profile or low noise configuration.


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