Case Studies

Donetsksteel, Donetsk, Ukraine

Metal industry Metal industry

Donetsksteel, which owns several metallurgical production plants, sought to erect a cooling tower for The new furnace it acquired from Siemens.
With the aim of creating a positive suction head of water within the tower, the customer decided to place the cooling tower on top of a metal structure at a height of 20 m’ above ground level.

Yerushalmi Water Cooling Towers, Ltd. designed the fibreglass sections, using 3-D software showing details down to orifice level; the design was forwarded to the U.S, where the parts were manufactured, cut to size, and perforated, and then sent to The site for assembly. Yerushalmi sent an inspector on its behalf to ensure that the tower assembly
(carried out by a local team) complied with the shop drawings.

The cooling tower was in place within less than two months.




Pultruded FRP

Water flow

3,000 m³/hr


Metal industry


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