Our door is always open to provide you with advice. We will help you to:

  • Choose the right configuration for your tower: (e.g., counterflow or     crossflow; single – or multi-cell; forced- or induced-draft; closed circuit     or open loop, etc).
  • Decide on construction materials that meet your needs – FRP,     concrete, wood, or steel – and verify that they correlate with the process     water, climate, and other conditions on site.
  • Choose the right design point for your application, thereby optimizing     thermal efficiency, increasing energy savings and sustainability, and     working within space constraints and budget considerations.
  • Solve operational problems such as fan noise level, clogging, dust and     sun effects, poor water quality, and composition.
    In many cases, consulting us precedes any commercial or technical decision; in any case, any inquiry is answered rapidly and taken seriously, because we believe a professional and honest answer is highly appreciated by our customers.

Design and Engineering

YWCT’s experienced engineering team brings you the highest value solution for any cooling tower application. Every solution is custom designed fresh: We make sure our cooling towers meet all required technical specifications, and do so in the most cost-efficient and easy-to-operate fashion. We will:

  • Provide you with CAD drawings in 2- or 3-D models for every project.
  • Offer you P&ID whenever complexity of the cooling system(s)
    so requires.
  • Run computerized thermal ratings and performance tests with
    your figures, including “What If?” scenarios.
  • Adjust our solution to existing conditions on site, such as existing     concrete water basin, space constraints, and existing equipment (e.g.,     pumps, piping, motors).
    quality, and composition.

YWCT’s engineering team will work with you closely throughout the process of designing, budgeting, and planning your cooling tower until the right solution is targeted.


YWCT’s production facility is built to accommodate diverse and complex projects. We assemble our packaged cooling towers, PlugN’Play cooling systems, and factory-made degasifiers on our premises, where production is project-oriented and each solution is tailored to the customer’s needs. This flexibility is achieved due to YWCT’s organizational structure, working procedures, and expertise:

  • Our production teams manufacture every product according to a     specific drawing provided by Engineering.
  • We manufacture our hand-laid FRP parts in-house, as well as the     molds therefor.
  • Our diverse production floor consists of the following teams:     carpenters, FRP layers, welders, electricians, machine operators, and     constructors.

Under inspection of our quality control team, we offer our customers nearly any required configuration of cooling tower required industry-wide.


Along with manufacturing new cooling towers, due to our flexible, project-oriented production, YWCT has developed expertise in cooling tower refurbishment. Small packaged cooling towers are often brought to our facility and undergo a thorough makeover, while field-erected cooling towers are revamped on site by our experienced field teams.
The results:

  • Each refurbishment is planned fresh from the start, providing a refitted     cooling tower with CAD 2D drawings and 3D models
  • Upgrades, improved performance and efficiency of operating
    cooling towers
  • Replacing and upgrade of all cooling tower components
  • Execution plans, timetables, and full scope of operation
    In any refurbishment process, field surveys, thermal rating calculations, and engineering evaluations are conducted. A detailed proposal is provided to the cooling tower owner, explaining operational, thermal, and budgetary aspects


One of YWCT’s proven advantages lies in our installation services. Whether a packaged cooling tower or a field-erected one is supplied, the customer can be sure s/he will be provided with our full attention and care throughout the process of integrating the cooling tower into the industrial process. This includes, yet is not limited to:

  • Complete installation and commissioning of field-erected cooling towers
  • Positioning and installation of packaged cooling towers and cooling systems
  • Trained field assembly teams led by experienced team leaders
  • Technical support and engineering guidance for PlugN’Play systems and packaged cooling towers

Installation is executed as per detailed installation drawings, strict timetables, and operation plans. These enable us to update, modify, and constantly improve execution, and also ensure that we supply the cooling tower on time as committed to our customer.


After a cooling tower is up and running, the important (yet sometimes neglected) day-to-day maintenance begins. YWCTprovides its customers with ongoing maintenance services, among them:

  • Preventative maintenance
  • Leakage resolution
  • Clogged fill replacement
  • FRP, steel, wood, and concrete alterations (casing, infrastructure,water basins)
  • Mechanical systems maintenance (lubrication, blade balancing, gear motor alignment)

Along with the services YWCT provides, we stand by our customers and cooling tower owners by consulting and supporting them technically in overcoming problems they face during day-to-day maintenance.


Stay In Touch

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