Case Studies

Intel FAB 38

Intel Corporation collaborates with only four select cooling tower suppliers worldwide, and our company proudly stands among them. When Intel embarked on establishing a cutting-edge facility in Kiryat Gat, they naturally turned to their trusted pool of authorized suppliers. Intel’s primary directive was explicit: the adoption of Off Site Manufacturing (OSM) for the cooling towers, despite the considerable cooling demands exceeding 100,000 TRs. Our company rose to the challenge, designing a modular tower with a crossflow configuration, constructed of pultruded fiberglass, and equipped with an integral basin. YWCT’s ability to customize its solution to the project’s specific requirements was a key factor in winning the bid. Each cooling tower was designed with a capacity of 2500 TRs. These towers were crafted from non-combustible materials and were outfitted with a fire protection system meeting NFPA 214 standards. A Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis, conducted for the site, revealed the necessity of increasing the tower’s discharge air speed to prevent recirculation. In response, our company developed a unique fan stack that tapers from bottom to top, enhancing air exit velocity. As part of a comprehensive Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) and to mitigate risks during on-site installation, our company constructed a full scale testing system, complete with pumps, pipes, and generators to power both the pumps and the fan. This system was put together at our Netivot plant and successfully tested by both YWCT and the end users.




Pultruded fiberglass

Water flow

46,200 m³hr



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