Modular Cooling Towers

In many cases, installing a medium-size cooling tower (i.e., 30m2-120m2) is a challenging task. 6mx6m cells, for example, are too big to be transported as a single unit over land. One alternative would be shipping the cooling towers in components and installing them on site. Not only does this require a qualified team and enough space on site, but installation may take weeks. Such an installation process is not possible at small sites, and in many cases, it interferes with contractors’ other work. YWCT has designed a cooling tower that solves these problems.

Our cooling tower is designed in modules from the outset. The cooling tower components are sent to YWCT’s distributor’s premises in the customer’s destination country and assembled there (this reduces high sea freight costs associated with shipment of assembled cooling towers from the manufacturer‘s country). The cooling tower is tested and then disassembled into modules (sections), which are shipped to the job site on trucks. Assembly on site takes two to five days and requires a crew of five and a small crane. Two additional advantages of this modular cooling tower:

Materials. The cooling tower is made of pultruded FRP, which is on the one hand strong, light, and anti-corrosive; and on the other hand, inexpensive. FRP components are joined using SS hardware.

Integral basin. Unlike other solutions in the market, YWCT‘s modular cooling tower is fitted with an integral FRP basin of up to 2m depth

The bottom line: The customer gets a high-quality cooling tower, with low shipment and assembly cost and quick installation time, so the total cost of procurement is low.