Packaged cooling towers

Packaged cooling towers:

  • P series. A built-to-last hand-laid FRP cooling tower with unique steel-free structure
  • PIRD series. A premium crossflow series designed for harsh weather conditions or corrosive environments
  • SIND series. Counterflow HDG steel structure cooling towers designed to minimize costs and maximize performance
  • PIND series. Premium counterflow series, designed for harsh weather conditions. Combination of FRP and stainless steel maximizes capacity with minimum footprint.

One of YWCT’s main advantages is our ability to design nearly any cooling tower, from a small, packaged unit, to big field erected cooling tower, including:

  • counterflow and crossflow
  • induced-draft and forced-draft

Construction materials:

  • Hand-laid FRP
  • Pultruded FRP
  • HDG steel
  • Stainless steel


  • Super-low towers for underground parking
  • Retrofitted towers to existing on-site basins or limited space
  • Low-noise cooling towers
  • Cooling towers for extremely hot inlet water
  • Cooling towers adapted to brackish water/seawater
  • Cooling towers designed for skyscrapers