PlugNPlay systems

In many cases, integrating a cooling tower with its subsystems requires more planning and attention than does the specification process of the cooling tower itself. Detecting a need in the market, YWCT has devised an end-to-end solution to this problem: our skid-mounted plugNplay system that includes in addition to cooling towers, components such as pumps, heat exchangers, automatic filters, water treatment and bleeding systems, and electricity and control panels. Furthermore, a standard skid is designed for shipping in ordinary containers to the required location.
Our plugNplay systems are based on the following components (or combinations thereof):

  • Cooling Tower. Our solution is ordinarily based on YWCT’s PIND cooling towers, whose capacity is between 120,000 and 800,000 kcal/hr (varying according to design conditions).
  • Side stream filter. The tower can be fitted with a fully automatic self-cleaning filter or manual filter. The filter’s flow rate is usually designed to equal 10% of total water flow. In most cases, we use a filter with filtration degree of 50-100μ.
  • Water treatment and bleeding system. The cooling tower can be equipped with a water treatment and bleeding system. The water treatment system is able to cover three aspects: corrosion, scale, and biological fouling, as offered by most reputable water treatment companies.
  • Circulation pumps. As part of the cooling system, we can supply centrifugal circulation pumps, suitable for industrial applications, and having a very flat curve to guarantee constant pressure.
  • Heat exchangers. A component that can be provided as part of the cooling system is a heat exchanger (PHE or tube & shell). The heat exchanger may be used for a second closed-circuit water system, or for any other fluid used in the production process.
  • Electric and control panel. The system can be equipped with dedicated electricity and control panels.
  • Skid. The components are rack mounted on a chassis made of hot galvanized profiles coated with protective paint. The solution includes piping connecting all components.